Last Mile Home.

Well, winter is coming and By Dorian created a beautiful new mesh stove to warm you up. It will be available this weekend for only 60L which is quite a bargin considering after that it will be priced at 200L. The Geeks’n’Nerds Event¬†begins November 24th and I’m extremely excited for it! Below I’ve got a few trinkets to show you from Floorplan for the event, so read on please. ūüôā



Hanging Cups: Kuro РCups (1 LI) The Gallery Gift Shop

Matchstick: junk. РMatchstick Light Red w/Plug (3 LI)

Logs: Izzie’s¬†– Tree Logs (3 LI) Group Gift

Seat: Zigana РPouffe Red (4 LI)

Birds: Vespertine РFabric Birds (1 LI Each) Past Arcade

Blocks: Floorplan¬†– Winter Is Coming Blocks (1 LI) Soon @ Geeks’n’Nerds

Stove: By Dorian РFranklin Stove (5 LI)  Soon for 60L Weekend Event

Rug: junk. РVintage Rug (2 LI) Texture Change

Deer: Half Deer РDeer Paintbrush Holder Shabby Chic (1 LI)

Ottoman: fri.home РOttoman w/Tray (1 LI)

Medicine: Second Spaces РSick Day Pills/Cough Syrup (3 LI)

Cup: Floorplan – Tea Leaves Teacup (1 LI) Soon @ Geeks’n’Nerds

Chair: What Next РCubby Armchair Natural (3 LI)

Bookshelf: Alouette РOwly Bookshelf Dark (2 LI)

Cage: ARIA РColette Caged Candles (8 LI)

Build: HY’s¬†– House 08a (LI 43) New


My RL Apartment Meets SL.

My hubby has been wanting to recreate our RL apartment in SL for some time so he spent several hours creating a skybox that is an exact replica of our home! I thought it was so adorable I had to decorate and snap a few photos to show you how we live, for real. I even went so far as to find the college radio stream from our area that I listen to often. I’m about to bombard you with photos so make sure you click all of them so you can see all the tiny details. Thanks for having a look at the¬†museum¬†of Kimbra and Oculis! :p If ya really want to see it up close and personal come on over! I’m leaving it up for a few days.¬†The Reseda.



Even if we can’t fit a real table in out true kitchen, I was glad Oculis gave me the space to throw one in here. The timeless kitchen set from Trompe Loeil¬†seems to go perfectly. I also added some freebie food items from +9¬†and some yummy pizza from Rassasy Foods. I chose the crayola stools from vespertine to go along with my breakfast bar. Continue reading