My RL Apartment Meets SL.

My hubby has been wanting to recreate our RL apartment in SL for some time so he spent several hours creating a skybox that is an exact replica of our home! I thought it was so adorable I had to decorate and snap a few photos to show you how we live, for real. I even went so far as to find the college radio stream from our area that I listen to often. I’m about to bombard you with photos so make sure you click all of them so you can see all the tiny details. Thanks for having a look at the museum of Kimbra and Oculis! :p If ya really want to see it up close and personal come on over! I’m leaving it up for a few days. The Reseda.



Even if we can’t fit a real table in out true kitchen, I was glad Oculis gave me the space to throw one in here. The timeless kitchen set from Trompe Loeil seems to go perfectly. I also added some freebie food items from +9 and some yummy pizza from Rassasy Foods. I chose the crayola stools from vespertine to go along with my breakfast bar.



First, I made sure to place my desk exactly where I’m sitting everyday I’m on SL. (I’m such a dork :p) Second, The photo used to create our “scene” is actually a photo I took while on a hike, here in the valley.  Also, my hubby and I were once only SL lovers so I squealed to find this map by Commoner a few weeks ago. You simply place the heart pins where each of you live and it reads “Maybe apart in distance but never in heart.” There’s also a World map available for purchase.

Other decor:

Couch: .lame – Sarah’s Loveseat

Chair: Art dummy – Reverie

Table: floorplan – Spool Table

Rug 1: .lame – Kyle’s Rug (C88)

Floor Pillow: What Next – Eco Chic Floor Pillow

Desk: Hello, September. – Waste The Day Desk (Past Group Gift)

Art: vespertine – Silent Memories Set 1

Table: Pilot – Murrow Table


Oh, a bathroom! I’ve never had one of these in SL before. I know I’m lame. I like small spaces, that’s all.


Bathtub: LISP – Rub a Dub Tub in Blonde 8 LI (Also comes in 4LI) (C88)

Hanger: LISP – Rub a Dub Tub Hanger (C88)

Bathmat: LISP – Rub a Dub Tub Mat (C88)

Art: Tatty Soup – Shabby Frames


Now, Oculis may be a little upset because he wanted to be in this photo but I had to retake it after he poofed off to RL work. This is his favorite part of the house, it definitely doesn’t look quite so girly out of the virtual world but ya know I prettied it up a bit. I wish our laundry basket was always this empty.


Art: ionic – All I Need Frames

Lamp: LISP – Anna Lamp Green

Plant: LISP – Lemon & Lilac Pastel Plant

Laptop: What Next – Sofa Laptop

Desk: End Of Daze – Bertram Desk 3

Laundry Basket: Persnickity – Laundry Basket Blue Towel



Since I couldn’t get enough art on the walls to represent the Valley. I decided to make a few posters of movies made in my neighborhood. *Geeks out again*.


Bed: floorplan – Faux Bois Bed (FaMESHed)

Art 1: Pilot – Soaring Against All Odds

Art 2: What Next – Love Is Wall Art

Shelf: What Next – Rohan Pallet Shelf

Table: fri.home – Pastel Suitcase Table

Chair: Tatty Soup – Thrift Store Chair Orange

Table Set: bird on a wire – Suki Table

TV Set: End Of Daze – Old School TV


Finally, he even made me a closet! I ran out of prims before I could really fill it but you get the picture. Thanks for having a look at my RL/SL home! ❤


Art: ionic – Everything In It’s Right Place

Rack: End Of Daze – The Rack Light

Dresser: LISP – Anna Cabinet A Brown

Birds: LISP – Anna Birds Beige

Shoes: elikatira – Move Pumps Java

Bag: Duh! – Navy/Black Small Book Bag

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