A girl and her shoes.

Shoes, oh how I love thee! These new colorful, chunky mesh style shoes are from Dilly Dolls and are available at the Vintage Fair. There are two styles to choose from both of which come with a hud for color customization and resizing. I also wanted to mention, I recently got around to joining  Izzie’s VIP group and her August gift is a beautiful vintage skin with red lips and dark eyeliner. I’m loving that so many designers are releasing items that go so well with all the Vintage fair goodies. Thank you! ❤


Skin: Izzie’s – Elena Vintage Skin (VIP Group Gift)

Hair: booN – ARK554 Hair Blonde

Jewelry: LEO-NT – Vintage Heart Rings & Earrings

Nails: Izzie’s – 80’s Round Nails (New! @ Vintage Fair)

Tattoo: Vestigium – Sugar Skull

Outfit: katat0nik – Tall Doll Dress in Yellow

Shoes: Dilly Dolls – Dasha Skully Pumps Bubblegum Pack (New! @ Vintage Fair)

Pose: Glitterati – Pin Up (New! @ Vintage Fair)

6 thoughts on “A girl and her shoes.

  1. OMG!! From the Tats to the hair to the polka dotted pettycoat. Your eye for detail is amazing!!! Still cant figure out why Ladies just cant get enough shoes!!! LOL!!! I have like four and all the ladies I’ve been with have more shoes than outfits!!! LOL!!! Thanks Kimbra!!

      • Everytime U blog anew its Very Nice! My whole family are Artists. I think that what u are doing is beyond sensual and fun but centered. I am not a Second Lifer, sorry, Im real. I paint in oils. Painstaking but permanent and when I see your work, I dream of you. Not a freaky stalker either. Just know that your talent is beyond a blog way beyond a blog. Said too much sorry.

      • It was funny, I was trying to hear a song from the Singer Kimbra, googled it an found U! Its been nice ever since! Sorry not a Second Life person. Just happy I get to see your beautiful blogs! Cause Im Real! YIKES!

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