Wanna bite of my Balut?

I’ve got some cute newness for you from **Cute Bytes**. I can’t say I don’t love everything that bit mcmillan puts out but these are on the top of my list. Her new piano belt is actually playable with an animation and cute little music particles when played, plus it’s color change and resize. Her baby duck elven ears come with two versions so i’m wearing one of each, they come with a hud for matching and resize. The duckly tongue was probably my favorite but then a boy had to ruin it for me asking if I was eating Balut. Eww, never. Anyway, I’ve got a few freebies out there to grab too, so have a look. Plus I found a really cute sim to snap some random photos called Cake!


Skin: Mother Goose’s – LENE (Main Store Lucky Board!)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine Mesh Hair in Rye

Eyes: A.D.D. Andel! – Aurora Eyes New Years Normal

Eyelashes: sauce – Back to Basics (lookin crazy with this face but I <3)

Ears: Cute Bytes – Snuggly Duckling in Version 1 & 2 (New!)

Mouthie: Cute Bytes – Duckly Tongue (New!)

Glasses: Alphavillain – Neon Glasses Clear (Final FLF)

Piercing: Pekka – Mon Piercing

Necklace: Cute Bytes – Koky Necklace Blackyboo (Past Kawaii Hunt and sprays scent :D)

Umbrella: Cartoon Kids – Kids Umbrella with Pose & Texture Change (Free on Marketplace!)

Top: Blah – My Sweetheart Pullover in Acqua (The Black Market Event)

Belt: Cute Bytes – Piano Belt (New!)

Skirt: Sn@tch – Swag Bag Beach Skirt in Grey

Boots: Pepper – Chunky Boots with Color Change (New!)

Poses: Still Life

Vevo is starting to get to me…I need to start giving you my musex.

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