52 weeks of color…Iron baby.

I thought a good way to go would be with my chains and BDSM stuffs, which I loves but I was still thinking of Iron and Wine so yeah this is my mish mash of sexalishious and cutness.


Skin: JeSyLiLO – Julie Lightskin J4 (I can’t seem to take this off)

Teeth: JeSyLiLO- Teeth Addon

Hair: CaTwA – Yuri in Platnium (New!)

Ears: Illusory – Elven Ear b3

Lashes: sauce – Back to Basics (yus my fave.)

Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise Eyes in Black (Free now right now!)

Piercing: HoD – Omega Nose Gauge in Razor

Ciggy: NikotiN – Cig Lady Black/White

Cuffs: Xcite – ToKon Pony Cuff

Necklace: RYCA – Choker Eve Long in Platinum

Gloves: Glue Ink – Ree Gloves in White Lace

Nails: Mandala – Sina in Silver

Dress: Sticky Fingers – My White Leo Gather Dress (Newness :D)

Stockings: Sheer – Grey Torn A4

Shoes: SLink – Astrid Boots in Creme

Poses: !bang & Juxtapose

❤ this song.

52 weeks of color ~ Indigo

I’m a bit behind  but i’m gonna catch up, I swear. I put together a cute lil outfit for Electric Indigo.


Skin: Pepper – Paula Skin in Pale (New!)

Hair: Posh – Indigo in Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise Eyes in Light Arabian Blue (Free Group Gift!)

Ears: The Prop Shop – Tintable Droopy Elf Ears

Piercing: Pekka – Solidue

Dress: Boom – Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress in Indigo

Bag: Pepper – Star Hunter Mesh Bag in Brown (New!)

Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders in White

Boots: KAO – Suede Fringe Boots in Black

Pose: aDORKable – Bag Lady (New!)

Double Rainbow…all the way.

I’ve got some new Perfect Wardrobe for you today and the theme is Rainbows this go around. I so love rainbows and this is just my first post. ❤ I’ve also got a new skin by JeSyLiLO called Julie that I simply adore. I’m showing just the base skins but it comes with so much more. Here’s your sneak peek into my rainbow.


Skin: JeSyLiLO – Julie in Lightskin comes with several lipsticks and hairbases (New!)

Hair: Exile – Misha in Vanilla (New!)

Eyes: L.Fauna – Charm Eyes in Rainbow

Eyelashes: sauce – Ka-pow! and Back to Basics

Piercing: annaA – Joy Rainbow (New! Perfect Wardrobe)

Nails: SLink – Jolie Prim Nails in Red

Top: SAKIDE – Snuggly Rainbow Sweater in Black (New! Perfect Wardrobe)

Undies and Socks: Sticky Fingers – My Dotted Panties and Rainbow Socks (New! Perfect Wardrobe)

Shoes: Crazy – Vanity Sandals

Pose: dfo

Good Girls Gone Nasty.

I’m so behind on blogging for you! I’m sorry. I had a very exciting week. Yay for my first wedding anniversary!  I decided I’d do a bad girl good girl look for you. This took longer than I thought but I’ve got a few new things to show. Since I love my ears, I went on a quest to find some cheap well-made elven ears. I found it and then some. No hud, just mod it to death by yourself. I’ll have to say the shading is amazing but it’s a bit hard to make it perfect if you are gonna go all updo like I did. It’s a shop I found searching marketplace, called The Prop Shop, take a look. I love that he even has a nose sculptie.  I know I’m trying to catch up but I’m adoring this new Pepper Mesh and of course these Crazy Mesh boots. I thought my cute look needed a bit of naughty so I threw in the new Hole Dress by Bad Romance. Rawr! I’ve talked too much, here you go. 


Good Girl ~

Skin: d. Select – Sally No. 1 Spring (New!)

Hair: Truth – Alexis in Carob (Sale at Truth District)

Lashes: sauce – Lush Riot

Piercing: Pekka – Solidue

Ears: The Prop Shop – Tintable Bent Elf Ears (50L on Marketplace)

Mouthie: TSUNAMI – Wheat Straw Chew Stick with Ladybug

Necklace: EY:NO – Watering Can Necklace in Silver

Top: Pepper – Vintage Mesh Shirt in Blue (New!)

Skirt: Fishy Strawberry – Peyote Mini Wash A

Boots: Crazy – Veracruz Mesh Boots (New!)

Nasty Girl ~

Skin: Filthy – Nathalie  Cream 03

Hair: Truth – Tammy in Champagne  (More Sales yum!)

Ears: Plastik – Arkenea Ears Evil

Glasses: HOC – Aviator Style Glasses

Earrings: The P!nk Bandaid – Dreamy Earring (Past Gift)

Collar: Red Mint – Studded Collar No. 3

Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette

Gloves: Glue Ink – Ree Gloves in Black Floral

Nails & Rings: MANDALA – Sinra Nails and Rings Set

Tatto0: Para Designs – Carpe Diem

Nipple Tape: Suicidal Unborn – Nipple Covers in Black

Dress: Bad Romance – The Hole Dress in White (New!)

Boots: Maitreya – Mesh Radical Boots in Black

Poses: Purple Poses, Still Life & Glitterati

This should be my song. :p

/me pops my butt.

On my tiptoes.

This new outfit from Penned inspired my look today. It comes with normal and sheer bodysuit versions and an adjustable, flexi prim skirt. I’m wearing the normal version below, surprised? Yes, I felt like being a bit modest for once.


Skin: MARIKO – Maggie M06 (On Sale for 250L Which Ends the 22nd)

Hair: Heart Softens – ILDS in Honey Blonde (Closing Sale)

Ears: Cute Bytes – Baby Elven Ears Naked

Eyes: ROLY-POLY – Natural Eyes in Ice

Necklace: Sweet Leonard – Let Me Love You (FREE for The Cafe Hunt!)

Dress/Bodysuit: Penned – Vintage Ampersexy Bodysuit & Skirt (New! at the Gallery Gift Shop)

Poses: aDORKable – En Pointe (New!)

Musex is my boyfriend.

I have to say the new i-pepper from ~Pepper~ really inspired this look. I’m not full of newness for you but I’ve got a few things. 😀 aDORKable has put out quite a few new poses and I’m showing off one from the Season’s Gatcha err… Gacha 😉 along with another new one of her’s. The gacha poses come with mesh mittens but I wasn’t feeling cold enough to wear those today. Essences put out this adorable skin for Fashionably Late in 4 tones at only 85L a piece. There are also several makeups, blushes, freckles, hair bases, tattooed eyelashes and yus even pubic hair. I’ll tell you the rest below…


Skin: essences – Kandia in Peach with Pink Sherbet blush, Koral Eyelashes, Smokey Eyes Mixed 03 (Fashionably Late)

Hair: Ploom – Torti in Platnium (New StumbleBum!)

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Snowfall Eyes in Blue/Green (New Season’s Gacha!) Ty for trading with me Cami!

Ears: 6DOO – Wakka Elf Ears

Piercing: Nox – Charlie Piercing in Black

Musex player: Pepper – i-pepper in Yellow (New and color change with different length cords!)

Nails: EY:NO – Colorful Nails

Tattoo: AMNESIA – Music Is The Key

Top: Yulicie – My Unicorn T-Shirt in Grey (Perfect Wardrobe)

Skirt: Blah – My Uber Short Skirt in Pink

Socks: Sweet Leonard – Piggy Home Socks in Stripes

Poses: aDORKable – Frosty & En Pointe (New!)

No Youtube today but a link to my soon to be next fave album that’s coming out soon!

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

Kisses you on the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’ve got some newness for you from Bad Romance and it’s super sexy, I should have shown my bum off a bit. I heard this rumor, that Heart softens is closing, amazing hair at an amazing price right now, this one was only 39L. Thank you Kis! I was searching for a place to take pics and ffs there is not much of California around. So here I sit on the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope your Saturday is wonderful!


Skin: JeSyLiLO – Heather Light Skin in J4 (New!)

Hair: Heart Softens – Peek in Honey Blonde

Shades: Miel – Pilot Peepers

Cigarette: Hermony- Ultimate Cigarette

Jewelry: Miel- Uva Set (Group Gift& Color Change!)

Piercing: Pekka – Mon Piercing

Tattoo: Delusions – Love Gives us a Fairytale (PW)

Skirt: Bad Romance – The Skirt Suspender in White (New!)

Shoes: GoK – Flower Bomb Heels in Black (PW)

I gots to DJ last night too, yay!